Ex said he misses me..what does this really mean?

So he broke up with me about 5-6weeks ago because we've both graduated from uni now and we're living at home which are about 4 hours apart so he couldn't handle the distance and not knowing when he'd see me as we are both traveling (not together) in Jan and are both working lots to earn as much money. We've spoken on the phone since we split and have been texting on and off. I did the NC thing for like the first 3 or 4 weeks.

The other day I text saying that sometimes I still miss him a bit (this was relevant to the convo we were having because something reminded me of him). He replied: "I f***ing miss you. Especially these past two weeks for some reason. Would be great to see you soon" plus a few other things. I didn't know how to react so kind of said yeah will prob see you *here* (there's plans for a reunion and if it goes ahead we'll both probably be there).

I can't get my head round this, what does this mean?

I text a few days later saying "why did you say you miss me?" And he replied "I'm sorry. Just thought I'd be honest."

I really don't know how to act on this, any advice would be much appreciated!


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  • He's just stringing you all along. Don't get back with him.


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