Why does this break up doesn't feel like a break up?

We were together for 1 year, i became very dependent on him but sadly we are both toxic people, he is manipulative and have bad temper while I am needy and have bad self esteem. We had a big fight last Sunday mostly because I was tired of all the problems (not just with him but also my family and other things) so he broke up with me and then he left to his friendĀ“s house to be alone and have some peace. This week has been hard but we spoke today over the phone and it was like when we were together, we talked for 1 hour and he says he doesn't want to erase me from his life and that he still believes than in the future when we will be better with ourselves (I started therapy this week to fix my self esteem and cut the emotional dependence) we could be together.

He said that we should leave some time with no contact since we just broke up a week ago and I suggested 1 month to heal myself but it was all super friendly and we still love each other a lot but right now we have a lot of problems around us and of course we keep hurting each other. But I do not know what will happen after this month (he also said that it could be less time) and I do not want to get my hopes up.
Why does this break up doesn't feel like a break up?
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