Ex does one thing then does another. What's going on?!

My ex recently got back in touch with me after no contact for a few months. It was a really long email about how he's sorry, how he misses hanging out with me, talking and including lots of in-jokes. He even invited me out and gave me his new number. I replied after a day or two (the whole email threw me a little but I still loved him and wanted to be with him), saying I missed him too. He replied back after an hour saying that he doesn't want to hurt me and that he is sorry, that we're great together but something in his head is saying it wouldn't be a good idea and he doesn't know why. He ended it saying I was 'the loveliest person'.

I know no-one will know exactly what is going on in his head other than him, but any ideas or advice or possibilities would be appreciated. More for peace of mind than anything else. I was starting to feel a bit about better about everything and now I feel like I've gone straight back to square one.


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  • He did'nt say anything about getting back together...So what I would do is continue not to talk with him and just wait for him to contact you again and see what he says then


What Girls Said 1

  • I know the feeling about going back to square one... basically don't read too much into what he's saying. It could be a game he's playing. Or he's trying to relieve himself of guilt for breaking up with you for no reason. Doesn't sound like he wants to get back together so I would say another possibility could also be that he's trying to enter a friends with benefits situation with you by exploiting any residual feelings you might have for him. Whatever it may be try not to harp too much on what he says. I know exactly what this feels like because I'm in a similar situation right now. Keep yourself busy, work out, go out with friends, throw yourself into work or school, just stay occupied.


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