Have I gone and messed it all up?

so I've liked this guy for 6 months and I was kinda lead to believe he liked me too. He gave me his locker when we first met because I didn't have one and he said if I ever needed anything he'd be there, we had a special connection as soon as we met and ever since we spent everyday together as "friends" eating and doing work together we were inseparable, he was becoming my best friend.

As time got on we had are ups and downs but quickly got over them as sometimes I felt things were one sided and I was making all the effort even though he was the one who approached me. At Christmas I got drunk and told a mutual friend I liked this guy and he told everyone including the guy I liked. Ever since are friends have teased us whilst my crush acts oblivious and dosent mention a world about how he feels about it to anyone including me.

After awhile I've started feeling like a fool, wasting my time on him as I'm making all the effort lately and he rather join the army then dare walk to me about his feelings. The other day one of are friends was teasing me again and i turned round and said "I honestly don't care anymore, what's the point of liking someone who doesn't like me back" and I got really mad about its ever since because I feel everyone's laughing at me behind my back and he's making a fool out of me and doesn't care how I feel.

Now I'm just avoiding him and he's acting like a sad puppy dog, trying to get my attention because his friends told him what I said. I just can't anymore, I just want to cry every time I make contact with him because it really hurts but he won't even put the effort in to telling me the truth but will with other girls in the past and just to stick the knife in one of his friends said "oh well she might still fuck you if your lucky" as if I'm some desperate slut or something.

I don't know if I should make up with him and try and fix things or I should just let him go as it's gotten too messy for anything to ever happen with us anymore
1 y
1 y
This morning it was really awkward between us and we spent lunch together in silence but I think were on the mend it's just going to take a little time and when the time is right I'm going to have a world with him about it all. Thanks for all your advice it was very helpful
Have I gone and messed it all up?
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