Would a man be mad if HE cheated and girl didn't confront him right away?

OK... Boyfriend goes to hometown to 'visit' mom and tell her that he is being deployed to a war zone. While he is in his home town, he apparently gets with an ex and spends like 2 nights with her. When he returns home, his girlfriend finds out about the affair. However, boyfriend is being deployed for a year about 6,000 miles away. So girlfriend does not confront or say anything to him for 2 months, or until he reaches war zone. Then after several comments from him that girlfriend cries a lot and is sad, she finally breaks down and tells him why in a letter. Since the letter was read, he has not contacted her. Could he be mad that she 'faked the funk' or didn't blow up right away? Does that even seem possible? HELP!

MEN...HELP ME PLEASE. Would you be angry or upset?


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  • Uhhhhh... did you break up with him in the letter? I think most guys would be a bit upset if they got a "dear John" letter while deployed in a war zone. I can see that.

    The right thing to do would probably be to have confronted him immediately, face to face, before he left. Talk to him and either forgive him completely and move on, or end it right there and then, so you did not have to end it while he was in a war zone.

    That's in a perfect world.

    But lets keep some perspective here. He did have sex with another girl without telling you. Unless you were in an open relationship and you had both talked about him seeing other girls (which I am guessing you did not) then he deceived you. So he messed up more than you did.

    The question is, do you want to forgive him or leave him? I think you just have to pick one and stick with it.


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  • men don't like history and you played that card...if you know or feel something wrong, it's best to bring it up soon, rather than expo de facto...still, what he did was wrong in cheating...did he get back with the ex, which is the other side of the coin?


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