Did I mean anything to him?

I can't seem to get over my boyfriend who I dated/cohabited with from age 20-23. We broke up in November of 2017 which ended with a bang just like it began with one (we fell for one another pretty hard). At the end, he emotionally cheated on me, did drugs, played video games incessantly, he had no plans for our future together (kept a dead-end job yet wanted kids), and never helped out around the house. I finished college at 22 and he dropped out his first semester. Throughout our three years together, I was the first girl he moved out of his mom's house to live with. I helped him stop drinking, get a bank account, credit card, a car + car loan/insurance. I even found the apartment we lived in because he didn't help me look.

I am turning 24 soon and I feel like I've been severely ripped off from the future I had planned plus all that I have worked for up to this point. He is significant to me because he was along for the ride in a very important transitional period of my life, yet I feel like I never actually meant anything at all to him. When we broke up, he took a lot of material assets that I had paid for and kept my rent money when he moved his new roommate in. We were originally both in agreement to move out.

I NEVER want to be with him again after all he has done to me, but I want to know that I hold a special place in his mind and past. He acts like he hates me and I didn't do a damn thing to him except pack up and leave when he called it quits. He was immature throughout the entire process and made the split up harder than it needed to be. I am now depressed and living home with my parents, feeling like I am starting out at ground zero. This person was my best friend. I just can't get over it. I have mega trust issues now.
Did I mean anything to him?
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