How do I tell the boy I love to let me go?

I love this boy and so does he. We never got the chance to go out, but we love each other. He gets really jealous, when I talk about boys. He moved away so I can't see him any more but still talk via wire connection. He is Bi- sexual, he had a boyfriend but let him go for me. He used to talk dirty to guys. He is coming to see me next Monday and I need to tell him to forget me. I don't want that but I cry myself to sleep a lot. I know he would prefer a boy, so I want him to be who he really is and be gay. If I tell him to let go he will cry in front of me and I would feel bad. I love him but it is a matter of time until he will find some one else. He said if I dated a boy he would never talk with me again. I just want to be friends. I hate feeling jealous if some one else has him. I need to do this for myself. How do I tell him to let me go? I know he loves so much, but I hate feeling like this. I tried not talking with him but he always sends me touching emails, and my heart falls back again.


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  • tell him 2 fuk off and let me go you gay cnut

    • Anthony, you know very well how I feel about this boy. Do you seriously think I will say that.

      Keep out if my love life. You always seem to get in the way with both me and him


  • "How do I tell the boy you love to let me go?"

    I do not love a girl and if I did he wouldn't have you in his possession and hence wouldn't have to let you go.

    "I love this boy and so does he."

    You love him and he loves himself also? That's nice.

    "He is Bi- sexual, he had a boyfriend but let him go for me."


    Is this your second or third account? I don't know why you've made more than one. Was the first banned?


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