What do you reckon defines someone?

In that sort of early 20th century way. Y'know, 'A man makes his own', whatever.

I reckon a man is defined by his disease, confined by his words, and refined by his sh*t, and how he picks it up.


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  • lol OK

    i think it depends on the person. a lot of people here think sex defines you. others think religion and beliefs define you, etc. these gracious types have seen it their duty to inform me that I'm a "slutty liberal atheist whore" so I kind of have to create other options for myself ha ha

    I think its a combination of the way you treat people, kindness, honesty, intelligence, what you act on in life, beliefs as well, and personality for me.

    you said "reckon." that's seriously adorable :D

    • LOL, I love those guys. In a way though, what other people say about you defines you as much as what you say about yourself, just not in a sense of personability. So by some definition, your a slutty liberal athiest whore, LOL.

      Mm. That's quite right. But is all that now who you are, not what defines it? Although, naturally, who you are defines who you are. But surely there's more entilation than self-definition?

      Hahaaa, why is reckon adorable?

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    • Fair enough. That's a very good viewpoint, like.

      Anndd, LOL. Yeah. Have you ever heard the northern irish accent?

    • Yes! ^__^ ha ha it makes sense in my head now with that accent thanks

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  • By how other people look at you.

    Like school, you are easily defined by how the rest of the school sees you, not always by who you actually are. Appearance generally plays a big part in this as well.

    To be honest, I think we all 'label' other people when we don't truly know them. We just judge them on the way they look/dress and how they appear to act or even by who their friends are.

  • Really nowadays I think looks define someone. There are so many other things but generally looks define people the most

    • A style speaks volume about a person, in my view. And y'know, an old friend of mine, paranoid crackhead he may be, used to say he agreed with the ideas of Roahld Dahl, where if a person thinks ugly thoughts, they become an ugly person.

  • definitely there actions more than words

  • actions

  • Their actions


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  • drug intake

  • I'm defined as a unsensitive asshole


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