Why did I have to let him go now what do I do??

This boy that I'm in love with just stop talking to me out the blue we go to the same college and always see each other but we just don't talk. I miss him so much and I'm mad that once we got to college he changed and acted like he didn't know me or what we been through for a whole year was worth nothing. I want to talk to him but I can't see myself do it. I find myself looking on his page on fb just to see how his life been since we don't talk no more. I miss the old him but like you can't make someone change and become something you want even though I wish I could. I just want to know how do I get over him cause honestly he been got over me that's if he ever loved or liked me.


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  • find a new boyfriend, or at least a new good friend...that's the only way to move on


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