Does it mean anything if an ex calls randomly?

My ex boyfriend ended it 1 month ago
He still initiates contact every week (messaging me) ever since the break up
And he also initiates hanging out every week (to the cinema, dinner)
Every 2 weeks, he would call me randomly
And he would ask:
- what I've been upto
- hows work been
- hows my day
- whats new with me
- if I've been dating other guys?
Nothing sexual
I dont tell him much things about what I've been upto
But he tells me what he's been upto with himself and his friends, etc
He called me today and he asked those questions above
Last week, he asked me to go the movies this Thursday and I agreed so he booked our tickets
He asked me "are u excited for thursday?"
And all that stuf
Then he was telling me that he was going to buy the gold movie tickets (VIP class) for us but the time was too early
But in my head im thinking "the gold tickets are usually for couples"
But anyway, I've been seeing him nearly every week ever since the break up
Is this normal for exes?
Does it mean anything if an ex calls randomly and ask those questions?
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Does it mean anything if an ex calls randomly?
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