I like this guy, and I have a feeling he likes me back

OK, I like this guy, and I have a feeling he likes me back! we have a class together and tomorrow he said he wanted to sit by me.. We talk in texting and outside of school but he is not as energetic in real life as he is in text messages? could it be because he is nervous, or because it is so early?: P Please answer all opinions welcome! <3 Thanks! <3

This is just another thing to add on, I want our relationship to go further and I don't want it just to be text messaged based. any tips? :D thanks again! <3


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  • Personally I also find it much easier to say things and expres my feelings over text due to two factors;

    1) I am fairly shy face to face and I often worry about the reaction I might get by saying something

    2) text adds a sence of anonymity in my opinion and you always have the chance to rea over it multiple times before sending.

    • All I can say is take the first step, be the one to ask him if he wants to go see a movie (or hint that you want to do something this weekend and he may take the opportunity) and during the movie cuddle up to him -if he doesn't take that as a hint then he's half brain dead-.

    • Hahaah thank you! :)

    • If it helps, I was the exact same as this guy bot so long ago but I wasn't blind to the fact this girl liked me, I just really didn't know how to move on or where to take it... So she got fed up and asked me out instead :L

      Thank god I have discovered this site now.

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