What does being on a break really mean?

Long story short, my boyfriend broke up with me after telling me he hasn't been loyal to me. I told him he should've told me sooner since cheating is something couples can work through. We agreed to go on a break for a couple months and are a week or so into the break. He still sends me good morning messages and stuff, and said he doesn't mind if I get with someone else, but at the same time gave restrictions as to who that "someone else" could and could not be.

Also, we haven't seen each other for a few months due to him having to go back home for a semester, which is when he cheated. I asked why he did it and he said because he was "alone"
What is that supposed to mean?

So what does being on a break mean to you? And is there any advice you could give to me if you've been in a similar situation?
What does being on a break really mean?
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