I just can't get a read on this girl. Is she into me? What's my next move?

I'm recently out of an 8 year relationship. It's been about two weeks now and honestly I just want to get laid. I'm not much of a man whore and am terrified of catching an STD, so I was on the lookout for a girl that I kinda knew. As soon as I changed my relationship status on FB I got 7 emails from girls that I hadn't heard from in years. I was only really interested in one though. So I hollered at her and we hung out for a night. That night I told her that I'd always had a thing for her and found her sexy as can be. She seemed shocked but interested and agreed to go out sometime. Since then she's asked me over to her house two more times. I play a lot of poker and I just can't seem to get a read on her. Here is my list of tells. SIGNS SHE WANTS IT: 1. Has her daughter stay over at friends house. 2. Seems to be dolled up a bit when I come over(though it might just me being a perv.)3. Sits next to me but puts her feet up in between us. 4. Good eye contact and slight flirtatiousness SIGNS SHE DON'T WANT IT: 1. Seems to have friends in and out all night aka no alone time. 2. Awkward silences. Partially my fault but I try to keep it flowing. 3. Talks about dates she's been on and other guys. (feel like she's trying to get a reaction out of me.) I don't know. It's like one second I get the vibe that she's into me and the next I feel like she just wants to be friends. Any input would be great. If you think she is into me than what's my next move. If you think she isn't then what should I say. Because honestly I'm not looking for a relationship, I just want a f*** buddy. I don't want to hurt her, but she says she feels the same way. Not looking for anything serious. She says she just wants to have fun. Man she is hot. I just want to have fun too.


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  • Just tell her that you are into her but not looking for a relationship...you can't rule out that she's not also interested in being friends with benefits.


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  • dude sorry to say this but I think she likes you but maybe not strong enough..Maybe she not fully aware of her feelings for you and not exact sure if she is ready to do it to you. I suggest you next move is to find someone else who is desperate to do it with you.


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