I have no idea what me and my ex are to each other?

I was going out with my ex boyfriend for only 6 weeks (we were seeing each other much longer) it was my first relationship and pretty much his first healthy one (2 before that ended badly) we were quite compatible, had the same sense of humor etc...but he broke up with me because he went to university and he’s an idiot when he’s drunk and was scared he would cheat on me when he was drunk and he ‘would never ever want to hurt me that way’. And it doesn't feel like a normal break-up because I know if he lived here we'd still be together (he’s said this himself) and we still like each other. He started texting me the first night we broke up like normal and we talk like every other day now and he texts me, talks to me on fb chat and rings me sometimes. He still calls me when he's drunk and say all this emotional crap like how I should have fought harder for the relationship and not just been like ‘OK’ when he broke up with me (but I’m not the 'please stay with me' type girl) and says he still likes me and I’m trying to just keep things on a friend level cos I’m afraid he just wants to have his cake and eat it too and I’m not up for that but he’s the one who keeps bringing up our relationship and if he does I’m always like we’re not going out! And he always replies we’re not going out by facebook standards. I really don’t know what this means! Does he still want to be together on some level or is he just trying to keep me tagging along so he has something to come home too?


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  • i think he's paving the way for a friends with benefits thing, and I use the word thing because he has made it clear he doesn't want the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing to be long distance, but he still likes you and is keen on the friendship, and the facebook standards it could mean one of two things just that usually pretentious people going out would always havce their relationship status on facebook like dating so and so.. and he adn you will not be on those standards in case you two become friends with benift*ts or just friends, adn the other thing is that you two are like facebook frineds ( the whole long distance thing).


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