My ex is starting to snoop around my business....?

Me and my ex were engaged. We had everything going for us until one morning we got into a very heated fight. I blew up and called it quits. I was being impossible and I know I was in the wrong, aka I f*ed up! I totally regretted my decision and did every thing I could possibly do to try to talk to him and show him I made the worst mistake EVER! Well it now has been about 6 months, he has been dating this girl for about maybe 3 months and I just started dating a guy 2 months ago. Well my ex works with my best friends husband... and all this week he keeps mentioning me. He has NEVER brought up the new girl he's dating ( who I have heard is moving into our house with him) I'm still willing to work things out with him... Is it just his wheels spinning because I started dating someone or do you think he's starting to rethink what we had? He's super prideful and that's half my battle with him and trying to see how he feels. guys girls anything would really help cause I do still really love him and am totally open to anything if there's a chance.


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  • you're thinking too many need to stick with the facts...regardless of the snooping around by him, his new girlfriend is moving in...that doesn't mean much for second chances right now...give it a few months and see how things go


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