Just broken up and this is my poem:

hey this is my poem so far- do you have any ideas to extend the poem and also what are your thoughts on it all? my heart is in 2 so I'm being poetic...

if the day will come,

when the golden inner security refines out of you,

which clearly racks’ you... let yourself heal and get up

too my accord, give up

after a year or more experience

when I'm aware you lost count at the day you lost consciousness, when you assured that the clouds always were there to keep you high

with this special heck of a figure...

this true honest earthly preach will see the day you reach out the first red ruby rose that appears in your sight. ;)


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  • that is really good:)

    • Thankyou

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    • Well I usually listen to music to help me get in a mood...

    • Thanks tried it and nearly finished the poem ;) see ya...

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