Who (which sex) hurts more after a breakup?

Some of the answers / articles on this site suggest that girls feel more pain and hurt for longer following a breakup however others suggest that guys actually do and girls forget about it and move on.

In my experience, I've always felt way worse for way longer than my exes (but I've usually been the dumpee so that's probably why), although one of my breakups was due to her HAVING to move to another country and no other reason...and I still outwardly appeared to hurt more.

Who hurts more?


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  • It depends where people are in the relationship, maybe she'd prepared herself for breaking up with you and was already getting over you.

    If someone's unfortunate enough to not be over the person that dumps them, then they'll hurt more, male or female.

    But I think in general women hurt more when put in the same circumstances as men. We're more in touch with our emotions and tend to dwell on things more. Perhaps we just show it more, while men cover up that fact that they're hurting.


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