Why can't people show a little respect?

why are people so rude? I don't understand why guys whistle and call at girls- I think it is disrespectful- they are not your dog. and people who unnecessarily start conflicts, like someone will call someone who is gay a f***t, or a girl calls another girl a bitch for no reason. why can't people show a little respect?


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  • you have to man up bro girls like being hit on no such thing as an unnecessary conflict don't say anything your not willing to get into a fight over should sort that out and people say mean things to hurt other people's feelings because its illegal in most countries to just whip on the other persons ass :) I am happy I could be of some help


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  • Because they were raised poorly.


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  • just the kind of world we live in now man. people aren't as respectful as they used to be, and unfortunately, the respectful ones that are still out there are almost the outcasts.


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