Ex is trying to make me jealous?

She broke up with me saying she needed space. I tried to fight for her once and then went in to NC. She didn't like that and after she played a lot of mind games like flirting with guys, hot and cold, and all that stuff. I became good friends with this girl named Jessica and whenever she would see her, she would give her dirty looks.

Last week, she was being friendly and teasing me. I ignored it and minded my own business. I didn't give her any attention.

The next time I see her, this other girl named Lorraine was teasing me in front of my ex. I reciprocated and teased her back. Then right after that, my ex went up to Jessica (they never talk) and says "I've been feeling ill lately. Also, I am kind of sad that my boyfriend moved to LA"

What do you think? Trying to make me jealous? What is she doing?
Ex is trying to make me jealous?
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