Am I cheating and should I stop?

OK so I am in a relationship of 3 years with what started as a friends with benefits but we are now living together.But we are moving really slow but in a positive way.The issue is My 1st love found me on facebook a few days ago and we chatted for 6 hours yesterday.I have been in love with him since I first met him 15 years ago.We hung out a lot and he took my virginity and always got along well.I haven't spoke to him in about 10 years and he has always been on my mind.Do you say I'm cheating and should I end it before I end up messing up?My boyfriend knows who he is and knows he is my 1st love but he doesn't know we recently been talking.We all grew up in the same area together.


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  • Fb is a realtionship killer, old flames looking each other up etc...


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  • Do you want to go back to him, or do you just like the attention and perhaps the flirting? Will it cross over from online talk to something more?

    If you know the boundaries, it sounds okay -- but your boyfriend may not have the same opinion.

  • If your guy found out, it'd really p*ss him off and he'd instantly try and track down the other guy.

    You should stop before your guy finds out, it would ruin things between you both.


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