Why is my ex bashing my name?

OK...my ex broke up with me...then a week after talking sh*t about moving on to more fish in the sea, he start emailing me saying that he loves me and all. I didn't reciprocate so then he start emailing me that he heard that I was cheating on him with his friend while we were together and bashing my age, as though I'm some old lady about to die...alone!lol. he p*ssed me off 2 the point where I told him that he and his friends can kiss my ass and go to hell...so he curses me out through email and includes that "he should have f***ed all the females that he had on the back burn but didn't lol". why do you think he's acting like this? do you think he genuinely feels those bad ways about me or is he just saying that because I wasn't dumb enough 2 fall back in his arms again?


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  • For whatever reason you broke up, well he realized he was wrong to let you go... so he tried to get you back and when that didn't happen (because you showed him you weren't going to give in so easily this time...), he got p*ssed and started saying more sh*t to your face just to make you miserable and see if that had any effect on you, esp. the "I should've f-ed all the girls when I had the chance but didn't" part, he's trying to show you that he doesn't care, when really deep down he does...he is ashamed of the rejection and is trying to cover it up, he's letting out his frustration by cussing and saying absurd things. TYPICAL male behavior, at least for most males lol, they can't take rejection, it's like a slap in the face for them... I'd say just ignore him, it's his loss, you deserve better than that...let him feel the pain & realize what he's done...

    Out of curiosity why did you break up anyway?

    • He just dumped me over facebook out of the blue, didn't even tell me 2 my face, I read about it on his page after a couple of my friends texted me 'what happened?'

    • Haha What a coward, well then you definitely deserve better. Let him be the one to regret it. Ignore his messages and don't respond to anything. Don't contact him, either. He deserves it...

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  • saying mean things to hurt you, put you in your place. punish you for not taking him back. make you feel bad about yourself to lower your resistance. whether he means it or not is irrelevant, it's said. can't take it back.

  • Yeah maybe he misses you that's why he is contacting you...if he really was over you he wouldn't contact you he would be out their doing it...


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