I broke up with my shitty boyfriend, what now?

I was in this relationship for 8 months, things got serious pretty fast (I know his entire family, friends and we’ve traveled together) to be honest, he was a shitty boyfriend, he made me feel bad about the fact that I wasn’t a virgin when I met him (Knowing I was raped), he made me feel bad about my career (I’m a law student) saying it was all about corruption and blah blah, he wouldn’t let me go out with my friends, and whenever he was moody he took it all on me. He always apologized but still. So one day, I don’t know how, I just snapped out of it and broke up with him, I tried to be very gentle and told him he was an amazing person an all, and he was so cold, telling me things he knew they were going to hurt me. I think I deserved a little more, but whatever.
is it bad that I don’t feel anything right now? I’m not even sad, maybe a little angry but that’s all. I haven’t even checked any of his social media accounts. My life went straight to what it was before I met him. Are feelings going to hit me all at once at some point or what? also, should I give him his stuff back? I just have a couple of t shirts and his perfume (if I do I wouldn’t have to see hin, just his doorman)
I broke up with my shitty boyfriend, what now?
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