Is there hope for my ex boyfriend and I?

My ex and I broke up January of '10, and we never stopped talking or flirting. We've both had other relationships, but over the summer we ended up hooking up and being friends with benefits. I made it really clear to him that I never wanted to date him again over the summer, and as fall approached I ended the friends with benefits. We're best friends now and he's dating his other ex girlfriend (the one he dated after me), but we've talked about it many times and we both made it clear that we're always going to have feelings for each other. Last week I realized I was in love with him. All of or friends say it's completely obvious that we connect on an emotional level and that there's still feelings. His current girlfriend has already told me that she's jealous of our relationship. He also brings up marrying me quite often. I'm talking three times in a day. Not everyday obviously...but like I said, often. Is there hope? What should I do to get him back?


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What Guys Said 1

  • right now, it might seem that way, but there's still a lot of life changing events ahead of you that will test those feelings...wait and see when you turn 25

    • I've changed a lot between 20-25... It sounds ridiculous..but, it's true.

What Girls Said 1

  • If he's still dating another girl right now, no matter what he does or what he says to you, there is still no hope.

    If you can snatch him away so easily from his current girlfriend, another girl can just do exactly the same to you.


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