Does anybody think she will actually reconsider and come back?

OK so my girl broke up with me about a week ago.. and she says she needs this break (this week) to just be away from each other a lil.. she is staying at a friends house so she DOES have a place to stay. WE lived together for about 7 months and were together for 1year and 7months. she broke up with me because (and yes I admit to this) I had no ambition I had no more fun I had no more drive.. basically it felt to her like I had no care for anything even her. and that was not what I wanted to happen. we fought the last couple months more than before. and she started to fade away slowly but surely.. and I didn't recognize or snap to it.. because I was being a selfish douche and was only thinking of my problems and not trying to help her with her problems or be interested in the things she wanted.. I know that and I see that now.. one night we were bought drunk and I was p*ssed off for no reason and I fought her friends and she got hurt in the process.. I obviously didn't mean that to happen either. she was scared sh*tless cause I'm twice her weight.. and the day after she said she was done. we were madly in love and my family loved her. and I decided to move to her and do my own thing away from home but with her. now it turns out I came all this way for nothing.. we haven't talked this week because she needs her break like she said but its really freaking hard not to even text her. she knows I love her and she says she doesn't feel the same anymore. can't blame her.. well one day I did talk to her to ask for forgiveness.. and for a chance.. I asked her not to just give me a chance.. but to let me earn it.. to give me a chance to fight for her heart and love and win it. she thought it meant a second chance like jump in the relationship. but I explained and said no.. to give me the opportunity to win her back. to show her who I really am. to be the man she first met and fell in love with. to not fear me but to know and feel that nothing is going to harm her not even me. to know that I will protect her and provide for her when she needs it and be interested more in her values and thoughts to be there for her when she needs help with school even if I don't know sh*t to make her feel happy every time she comes home instead of more stressed. to love to be around me. I love her and I want to show her all of it so she can see that one day I can be more than just a boyfreind to her... I messed up bad an I've told her and she's going to come back and stay here at our apt.. but hasn't said why she wants to. .. anyways she said she will give me the chance. THE QUESTION LADIES AN D GENTS... Does anybody think she will actually reconsider and come back?


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  • well if you really said all that stuff to her, then I'm thinking that's enought to win any girls heart over again. It probably made her fall in love with you all over again:) and think that maybe things have changed and it could work out again. So if she's giving you the chance it can mean that she still loves you and she wants to make things work. So I really hope things go good and I honestly think she will come back

    • Thank you thank you for the info.. I really hope so.. I will try to win her over. cause I really want her back.. and maybe she did feel something when I told her that.. it didn't seem like it. but maybe she was hiding it.. I just hope she doesn't meet a guy in the process of me trying to win her back. cause that wiill hurt and suck like bad.. she said she wasent in dating or in anybody she has to much stuuf to take care of so.. hopefully no. lol but thank you. I believe I will change and win.

    • Finally she breaks the ice. lol.. well she texted me today. just a simple how are you. I feel weird... I feel like a little kid.. like this is the first girl I've talked to and I don't know what to say and don't want to sound weird or stupid.. lol its weird. anyways I hope something great will happen out if this. I believe something will.

    • She actually decided to not give me the chance because she said no matter what I do she won't feel the same right now.. but who knows what will happen in the future... I still have hope and I still believe that at one point we will see each other like we use too back then.. and we will love each other and we will be back together.. I believe it could happen if I really want it too... so I can't let her go for good and forget about her. I love her.

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