Ex boyfriend is acting WIIIIIIEEEERDDDDD?

my ex boyfriend who dumped me 3 years ago after 7 days of dating recently came in contact with me again, telling me the reason he dumped me and wanted to be friends again

i mean, why not? so i was friendly with him since we're friends again. why not right?

but then he started calling me every night, then he sent me a long ass message about how he felt guilty dumping me and he can't be with me anymore so he said he loves me and goodbye
he also said that he's hurt because i told him he was ugly and a jerk, but i was trying to be honest since we're friends again right? he said he can't be with me because i told him that

the thing is, i don't ask him to be with me or anything? i was purely acting like we're friends, i don't even have feelings for him anymore

then he went being butt hurt in social media doing as far as deleting his instagram and facebook
why is he doing this? am i supposed to apologize or?
Ex boyfriend is acting WIIIIIIEEEERDDDDD?
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