How do I get my ex boyfriend to realize what he has done?

OK so me and my ex (farther or my child ) started young we met at 16, and were together for 4 and a half years, just after I had our son my boyfriend started going out doing drugs and generally being a wanker. he messed me and my son around loads,for the last year he was in and out were he wanted 2 be with me and our son but was on harsh drugs so was a mess in the head, he was sent to prison for a month .when he came out he was changed promised he would sort things out and we could start again, after 3 weeks he used a excuse to walk out said I was cheating when I wasn't and I found out he was up to the same old stuff again, only problem iv got now is, I know he loves me very much and its clear I do, but he is living with some other girl and her baby i think still on drugs and has completely cut me and his son off, I know he is only using this girl as he has told me he needs somewhere to live and that it isn't serious , but now he won't answer my calls has stopped seeing his soon and I am left completely confused and heartbroken please help x


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  • you can't ever get him to relize what he has done

    if he has already done thoose things and you have a kid

    if the kid hasn't opend his eyes to man up

    im sorry to say this it would have to be a mircle for him to relize anything

    i was in the same situation but me and my guy were together for 5 years got together at the age of 13

    and when I finially was 17 I thought I was pregnant for him but I wouldn't have told him

    he started drinking and on drugs again was about to go to prison

    and I eventually had to let go and try to forget all the memories

    but I still can't so good luck bby girl

    but who knows he might come around

    theres really not a yes or no awnser to this


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