How do I end a FWB relationship when I will see him every day?

OK. I know this will sound like I made an idiotic decision, which of course, I did. After a difficult break up I made the stupid decision to hang out with a person that I am not allowed to have a friendly relationship with, according to rules at work. The reason I'm the idiot is I would get in a lot more trouble than he would, he's a temp and isn't invested as well as the rules seem to be applied far more loosely to them. We ended up in a FWB, originally I thought we would date, but he indicated that wouldn't happen which is fine. However, because of the rule thing the relationship must remain a secret. So here in lies the rub... I have realized I am not into the booty call thing and want to end it but I am afraid he'll lose his incentive to keep the secret. I am so worried about this I have been having anxiety attacks. I know I made a huge mistake and shouldn't have broken the rules and what not, particularly considering I am at higher risk, but I can not change the past decision. I also have to see this man at work everyday and engage in conversation. How do I do I go about breaking it off with out making work awkward for both of us an ensure he doesn't tell all our co workers he added a notch to his belt?

Well now he seems pouty and what not that I don't seem as interested in sex.. do you all thing this will turn into vengefulness?


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  • The safest way is to make him loose interest in you gradually. Become a cold fish. tell him that you are not feeling well , every time you meet him and show no interest. talk about your ex. all the time. Don't show interest in sex and don't participate in passion.

    Since he is not much invested in you and just a FWB, he will feel that relationship with you is not as Beneficial as it use to be.


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