'Affair' with my ex husband

Ex h and I broke up just over 2 years ago. He had been having an affair and left to be with the other person. Emotions were running really high to start with and we gave each other 6 months of hell screaming and shouting at each other. We have both kinda found peace with each other now and get on as we have kids together. We are good friends. He is still in the same relationship he left for and they are living together. Every now and then he moans to be about her so things aren't great between them from what he says. The last six months when we are together he will try it on with me or kiss me. Has told me he misses me and will always love me. The last month we have started having a sexual relationship again. It just kinda happens we don't plan it or anything. He never rings to arrange to see me other than things we already have planned with the children. Is there more to this or is he just using me? I am in a new relationship and aware that this is cheating am struggling to concentrate on it. I will always love my husband we spent 15 years together I feel that we are over the problems that caused us to split but am thinking I really need to cut my loses with him and look forward if he is just using me.


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  • Tough one, I think he is man who get bored of his routine. He may be feeling bored with her new gf/wife. He is definately using you. How come he left 15 years of marriage and kids for somone else. then come back to you while he is still with her...and you accpeted him.

    Are you so weak that even having a new relationship you are not been able to say no to your ex.? at the end of the day. you lost it first and you will lose it again. You will be the greatest loser lady.

    Better to cut all ties with your ex. and move on. He is not relaible person. He can't be trusted by anyone.


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