Is it wrong to tell her you want nothing to do with her anymore?

I was dating this girl for a few months and whenever I tried to bring up maybe starting a relationship she would say that she can't, because she has so much going on in her life right now and that personally she isn't in a good place so she would have nothing to offer me. I let it go but a few weeks later I decided I've waited all that I could and she has to just decide to give it a shot or we both move on. she decided she just can't right now and so I told her that's fine, I'll respect that and move on. not even an hour passes after this talk and she texts me some flirty text... I basically told her not to do that anymore, and I'm thinking about telling her, please don't talk to me anymore, I just don't see a reason to. I don't want to be her friend, I wanted to be her boyfriend and she decided that, she made her bed so she can sleep in it. There is no future between us, I will never want to be just her friend, too painful, so am I being kind of a jackass for telling her to never talk to me again? she can't have it both ways, you can't expect all this attention and flirting as if we're boyfriend/girlfriend and deny the other person a relationship...


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  • I think is a good thing to tell her and to make your point clear. she will know and realize how your expectations look like. maybe she will decide she do likes you. people usually understand what they lose when they lose it.

    if she doesn't know what she wants just move on and make it clear to her that you don't want her as a friend.

    Is good to be a honest person and by telling her this it means you are one (a honest person)


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