How do I get over my a**hole ex?

he was 20, me 34...we broke up, he doesn't deserve me back...he's emailed me that he loved me, then bashed my name and age because I didn't give into his emails. I still love him and I tried going on dates and chatting to other guys, but the reality is that I am not interested in anyone else. I want my ex, but he doesn't deserve to be with me and I would only be setting myself up for more heartbreak. I don't think I'm ready to date other people yet, because I found that having other guys jumping through hoops and drooling over me all the time only annoys me and I'm left wondering why my ex couldn't appreciate and desire me like every other guy does in the world... he has left me twice, I don't want to be an idiot by taking him back again, but my heart is broken, and I only want to be with him. he keeps emailing me ,but I'm trying not to respond...what should I do? how do I get pass him?


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  • The key to surviving a breakup with dignity and self respect lies in building and maintaining a strong support network of friends, family, and hobbies. No matter how deeply involve you get into a relationship always make time for your friends, always make time for your family, and always make time to keep up your hobbies. Follow that simple rule and you'll never become so invested into a relationship that you'll feel "lost" when it ends.


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