Acting all weird after a good break up?

i work together with my ex...we had minimum contact since she broke up last week...i agreed and say OK we can be friends, she has texted me in the week for random stuff and the to wish me a good that we met for some work stuff she was all weird, nervous and come if she got her wish and I agreed we're OK?


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  • Interest always takes a while to fade away, so don't be surprised if you appear to be getting these signals that she is still attracted to you when in fact, she is trying her hardest to move on. I always say that the guys usually do the hard yard by first initiating contact with a girl that he likes, then successively asking them out. It is not their responsibility to salvage broken relationships, especially if the girl called it off to begin with. If she is sincere with her feelings for you, she will show it sooner or later, otherwise, skip the page.


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