Good hints to let him know I like him?

I need good hints to let him know. He's a couple years ahead of me and I only see him on the bus. I want subtle hints if there are any please. I don't want to act slutty, stalkerish, over-eager, or anything remotely close to being desperate. Any good tips that you guys like a girl to do if she was attracted to you? Girls any hints you do to let a guy know you're attracted to him?

Plz answer!


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  • I need help in this area myself. Maybe just every time he catches you looking at him, smile. Say hi every once in a while? I'm too chicken to even say hello to the guy I'm interested right now, so... I'll be keeping up on this question!

    • Same here! I mean I used to be so smooth with the guys and flirting, but he's just different.

    • I know what you mean! The guy I'm starting to really like is different, too.. It drives me crazy. I've been trying to think of ways I could catch his interest... Haha

    • Same here! Again! What I wouldn't give to to get him to notice me.

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