My ex-boyfriend is acting fishy?

ok so my ex and I broke up a year ago ... he broke up with me because he wasn't "feeling" the relationship anymore I was a great girlfriend to him I loved him so much and so did he ( I think) ... he treated me very bad and never wanted anything to do with me.. he didn't even want to give me advice.. he was interested in any other girl but me...we went through a lot ( him cheating on me all the time etc.) we were together for 4 years and I put up with all his crap and in the end he left me... now out of the blue he asked me why I deleted him off facebook and added me back and now he messages me asking about my sex life and how my friends relationships are going and everyone in my family how their relationship is going .. I got a vibe from him that he wanted to try fix stuff between us but he's the kind of guy that has too much pride to say it...what do you get from all of this ? do you think he's trying to get back with me? or just talking to me so he can have a hold on me? what should I do I'm so scared of being hurt again?

  • Give ex-boyfriend another chance
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  • Ex-boyfriend doesn't mean me any good ..forget about him
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  • Try talking to him more to see where he's going with this
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  • That's a dumb question don't even bother waste my time on him
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  • if he was cheating on you all the time and then dumped you and just stopped talking to you, then /ignore him. He's probably just one girl short of every day of the week and looking for a fill in so he can get laid.


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