Why is my ex acting like this ?

we broke up just over a month ago (he broke with me) since then I didn't really speak to him, he text me every now and then but I kept the convo short. he knows I wanted to get back together but he said he wanted time to think about it.

we haven't spoke in about a week and I saw him in a bar, we started chatting and he was acting like we were together, trying to kiss me, long hugs, arms right around me. and we were talking about this show on TV where this guy makes weird noises in bed and he was like 'if I was having sex with you and you made them noises id be like wtf' I said well that's not gonna happen. and he just pulled a face and was like maybe. the next day he kept texting me (not mentioning the relationship) and asking me to come out that night. why is he doing that?
Why is my ex acting like this ?
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