What does it mean if you randomly contact an ex or get contacted?

my ex and I have been broken up almost a year.

we have talked on and off but not for a while.

randomly the other night I just couldn't stop thinking of him, thus admitting I still miss him terribly.

i got a random text from him.

we texted for a tiny bit, he asked how I am and what I'm up to.

then randomly stopped.

then replied to me in the morning and was joking with me back and forth then we haven't talked since.

what does it mean if you randomly contact an ex or get contacted?

cause I still have feelings for him.

he has told me a million times he has zero for me so I never talk of it. but why would he randomly contact me, he has done this quite a few times.


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  • He's lying. He wants you back but is not man enough to fess up to it. He's insecure with his feelings, and really doesn't know how to act. With him randomly messaging you, he was obviously thinking about you. But if he doesn't act fast, he's going to lose you. If he keeps contacting you, talk about a guy you went out with, or you are seeing, see if he gets jealous. Keep him dangling..

    • I really have zero interest in anyone else.

      i have never mentioned a date or anything like that to him, so I'm very blank on what that reaction would be.

      i have tried to get back with him multiple times and he just always says no.

      then we won't tlk and when we do we flirt and joke and a couple times ended up having sex, I would say making love but it feels that way to me.

      for example, the last time I saw him, he texted me randomly in the middle of the night being weird and just asked me to come

    • Over so I did, and he said he's going to keep me with him there for as long as he can, we had sex and he would always stop and make me lay with him then do it again.

      i don't get why he would be this way, the next day he said he had zero feelings.

      so I guess I've just decided I no longer will talk to him or anything.

      i just wish I could understand.

  • after reading what you wrote that second time I think he just wants casual sex. alotta guys lie to get sex, usually the ex's say they WANT to be with you again but don't act towards what theyre saying, therefore giving us girls hope that itll work out and we end up having sex with him. sorry but the way you made it seem is that he is specifically telling you no he doesn't want to be with you (but still has sex with you) shows me he's an ass just wantin some ass. I know its hard because you love him and want to make love to him but you have to stop before it gets worst.


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