I don't think my guy would leave me for her but I am left with suspicion.

SO I met this guy a couple years back we kicked it a lot we are good friends. We can tell each other everything and have told each other everything or close to. Anyways He told me a lot about the kind of girl he like and The girl he Liked, loved, was in love with head over heals but never dated..Long story short.

So it happens that me and this guy ended up liking each other and started dating after a year or so of hanging out. Well now we have been together almost a year and This other chick that he told me all about way back when calls him.. He didn't call her back when he was around me but did tell me that it was her that called.. Now I'm left feeling like hmm could she be wanting to be with him now and what if. I don't think my guy would leave me for her but I am left with suspicion about it because of how much he always talked so highly of her.. So I be worried?


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  • once they start talking, it's only a matter of time till things begin to grow in that relationship...you should be concerned


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