Did he move on when I ended things? please read.

me and my ex have been off and on for a year. I ended things with him again cause of so many problems even though I didn't want to. I know being indecisive always pushes a guy away but I couldn't help it and felt like the only way for him to change is to realize what he's had when its gone. well he usually begs for me back but this time he's been talking to another girl (I can see from his facebook) and when I asked him about it he said they are just taking things slow and that I shouldn't worry about anything. (might I add I told him I was kinda talking to someone too before that...)! but what do you think? did he really move on and finally let me go? or is he writing all this stuff on facebook hoping I'd see it to make me jealous? I KNOW he knows I'm looking at it... and the reason why I break things off with him is cause of things he does to me but he knows I do still wanna be with him I was just tired of feeling misused. please I need advice!


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  • Its kinda hard to say wats his deal,maybe he do wanna make you jealous. Or maybe he really is jus showing some interest in this girl. But you do have to be strong and figure out if you wanna be with him or not because going back and forth can be emotionally stressful. So if its his ways that cause problems in your relationship then you guys should discuss it. I don't think he let you go jus yet,but probably cause you indicated that you're talking to someone he may try to act out on it.

    So either you give the relationship another chance or call it quits


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