Has he moved on from me completely?

I have not gotten over my ex and I far from closure. He left me unexpectedly claiming he just wants a break. Before all this the love was strong,we met each others' parents and now all of a sudden a 'break' is requested. Came to find out a day after he has been seeing this girl while we were in a relationship. So he took a 'break' from me but is now in a relationship with this girl WHO KNEW HE WAS ALWAYS WITH ME! But he still talks to me sometimes and there was this time we met up and chill for like an hour talking a lot of crap and having fun. A week after I saw him with her and we just passed each other.

But I still love him. Should I give up on what I thought was true love?


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  • Honestly,

    He moved on before your relationship was over. I really hate to say it. When he wants to hang out with you, it's either because he isn't completely satisfied with his current relationship or he wants a booty call and thinks he can get it from you. Or it could be a combination of both. The girl is at fault too, so you can have a good long hate at the both of them ha ha (I would). Try thinking of all the bad things about him (and I know there are some, think hard). It helps distance yourself. Get out there and play the field (maybe even look for an intentional rebound with someone who doesn't want a relationship either). Get dressed up and go out with your girls and have a fun time.

    Life is too short to be wasted on stupid guys, believe me.

    Stop looking and before you know it, another awesome guy will come around.


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  • Give up, it's not true love.

    The pain will decrease over time I promise.

    Sometimes, a girl comes along and sweeps your guy off your feet.. but remember, it takes two to tango.


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