How is this possible?

How is it possible that some girls get all the guys, have a boyfriend like a week after their last, get all the guys' attention etc. while other girls don't get any attention etc?

Guys: do you tend to go to the girls who are like the first thing or the second?


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  • Confidence is secondary. The key is showing that you are available. If you initiated more relations, more people would have a chance to feel at ease enough to ask you out. Shy people like shy people, extroverted people like extroverted people. But shy people are afraid, so if you want something, you're the one who has to make the first move.

    Why is that, you ask? Because think about why you don't approach anyone. They think the exact same thing, except you're the one on the other end. Just think about it, really. If you don't seem available, no one will approach you, like how you don't approach those who don't seem to care for you.

    Almost everyone will tell you that "it's all about confidence"... but it's not. It's about "being open and welcoming towards others".

    • If you don't show any interest towards others, they won't know that they should be interested vice-versa. Just think of your own reactions - others do the same things.

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  • Honestly, I go for the second kind, but only because I have low confidence and they seem more obtainable. If you are a confident girl and go up to guys you will do much better dating wise


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  • hi .. I'm a girl obviously.. and well I'm scenario one.. but I'm not gorgeous or anything.. its confidence.. if a guy sees that you have confidence in yourself then he'll like you.. guys don't normally like little ms.shy.. confidence in yourself gets attention.. but not arrogance.. it just means that you're approachable and fun to be around..while the book worm has her head in the clouds and even if she is cute.. guys don't want to step into her bubble knowing they might not be welcomed :)


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