Why was my ex boyfriend talking to me about her?

Before we broke up, he moved to a new apartment and his new housemate is a female
She has a boyfriend but they dont live together
Even when we were still together, he would tell me everything she's says and does
So anyway, its been over 1 month since we broke up
But we still hang out together to movie, to special events, etc
He always tells me whats going on with him and his life
And he tells me about his housemate
He told me these things:
- he found out that she has herpes
- he said she asked if he wanted to hang out but he said "no"
- she would dress skanky and would always ask him "how do i look in this?" And he would tell her "why u asking me? Ask ur boyfriend"
- he would tell me thats she's stupid sometimes and attention seeking
And more things
Why does he tell me these things?
Is he interested in her?
he's interested in her
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No it doesn't mean he's interested in her
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Why was my ex boyfriend talking to me about her?
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