What does it mean when a guy texts you back late at night?

So there is this guy. and we usually have our text conversations lasting about three days...the thing is he texts me back always at 11:10-20ish...and sometimes I don't respond because I'm sleeping and other times I'm wide awake so I'm like okay lets chat...but we have real convos none of that "hey" "what's up" texts

So am I over thinking this or what? =/


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  • Ugh, well that sucks :(. I feel your pain girl. If he doesn't have a job or another commitment (like after school practice or something) then that means for whatever reason, you're not priority. And that does suck. Guys like this kinda worry me because it means they may be with another chick and then they want to talk to you after they're done hanging out with that chick.

    BUT...you guys aren't in a relationship. So technically, it doesn't matter what time he waits until, he's not obligated to hit you up anytime sooner right? And it is a good thing that you guys have meaningful conversations. He could just be hanging with friends and getting home then.

    Bottom line here...one of those nights, just ask him "hey so am I ever going to get a text from you at a decent hour? ;)" Make it easy going and light...make sure that you drop that line when you guys are having a good time and jokey in the conversation so that you know the mood is casual. The answer might help give you clues as to what his deal is :).


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