Why would YOU cheat?

My boyfriend of two years cheated on me with a seventeen year old girl... (which is actually illegal, considering we're 21).

Anyway, she is an attractive girl, she looks older and more mature in many ways. Not a justification by any means, but I know my boyfriend was attracted to her sexually. But he SWEARS on his life that they never had a romantic relationship, it was platonic until the time he cheated on me (it wasn't physical cheating, she stripped down to underwear/bra over a webcam chat)

So I'm trying to cope and understand so I can move on. Being a person who values fidelity and loyalty above all else, I simply can't understand what drives a person to cheat.

If you've cheated on someone you love, why did you do it? I'm not here to judge, only to seek understanding,


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  • I've been cheated on before. Dealt with this question for many many years. Basically there are just two types of people in this regard... Those who let problems fester up so bad that they are to scared to deal with them head on, and just accept the misery. So an outside source makes them feel like a person again and actually makes them feel cared about or loved so it justifies cheating to them. Your the other type that just will not do it. Maybe you've just not allowed yourself to get in this situation, maybe you genuinely will never cheats it really doesn't matter.

    I'm not always right in this because I know exceptions exist... But I'm willing to wager you've had major problems and as I said things are begining to fester (or have for a long time), rather than walking away you chose to stay in the relationship (which is very noble and nothing wrong in doing so). People cheat not so much because they are monsters in this world, but it's a sign that things are really bad and it is going to have to either get fixed and dealt with once and for all. Or reach a conclusion. Anyone can blame the other person for being a jerk... Not everyone can accept the responsibility they neglected in the relationship and caused it to happen, along with allowed it to happen. Hope you find the answers you truly seek from this


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  • It has nothing to do with the person they're in a relationship with. It's the person that cheats. They don't feel loved, supported, they need attention, they don't feel appreciated. Then when someone else does those things for them they get drawn into the moment.

  • i agree with u. there is no reason for anyone EVER to cheat. its just wrong.


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