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So me and my ex boyfriend broke up over 1 month ago
He broke up with me coz we argued too much and so he was not happy anymore in the relationship
He treated me right most of the times and never cheated on me. he's a really good guy but sometimes I go over the top with being dramatic
We were together for 1 and a half years
But he still wants to be "friends"
So he still tries hard to stay in touch with me and to see me often
He contacts me several times a week (even some are random messages and calls)
He tells me whats going on in his life, etc
He initiates hanging out (to movie, to go out to eat, etc)
Nothing sexual
He isn't seeing any other girl since he just wants to focus on himself and his dream career
So anyway, its been over a month and I've been thinkng of cutting it off because I still have feelings for him
I just want to be more than friends :(
But he wanted to come with me and my friends to this Easter event next week and he already bought the tickets
So I was thinking of sending this message after that event:
"Hey, so I've been thinking these past few weeks, and want to let you know that I don't think I can just be friends with you. I still have feelings for you. I just want to really move on. you're a good guy. So I hope you will find someone that will make you happy and who you can really commit to. Bye, take care and good luck with everything"
And then I'll block his number and delete him on social media to avoid hearing back from him
Is this too harsh? Or good idea?
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Do you think this is a good idea to send this message?
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