I believe that I will never be nearly as happy as I was with her!

Last night I had a dream that I am with my ex girlfriend again, I was having the most amazing time with her and felt as happy in that dream as I was in real life with her 2 years ago. I had a few of those kind of dreams already withing the last 2 years but last night was just too much. I woke up realizing that was just a dream so my heart started pounding like crazy, sweating and depressed so bad that I started crying like a little girl and I never cried like that since I was 12 or so. At the same time I feel so frustrated because I feel like someone is torturing me like this, laughing at me (Devil?..) Because getting me to the point of ultimate happiness and the next minute getting me utterly depressed like never before, just doesn't seem like a natural event. But yeah, that is the top reason of why it's so painful, going from such high to such low in no time. And instead of getting over her with time like I thought I would, it only gets more painful every time.

Sometimes I am able to go for a couple weeks without thinking about her, but then I see something that reminds me about her or I get a dream about her and I am back to level 1.

The thing is deep inside I believe that I will never be nearly as happy as I was with her and when I think about that, that's when I get the most depressed. But when I don't think about that I can occupy myself with something else and forget about it.

Also the reason it gets the worst right after a dream about her is because in the dreams me and her are together, happy and trustworthy. But in reality she will never be able to trust me again and never want to be with me. So I have grown angry (to put it lightly) at her instead of being sad about it. Because anger doesn't feel nearly as bad as depression. But yeah, after a dream about her I feel depressed about her, not angry, which is why that's when it is the worst.

So what am I supposed to do? Even if I manage to not think about her most of the time. I still get dreams about her regularly which leave me depressed for weeks and get worse every time. There is nothing I can do about that, and I don't know how the hell I am supposed to live with that forever.

Trying to get back with her is not an option because after all that happened 2 years ago chances of that are unimaginably slim to none. She hasn't even said a single word to me ever since then.

Finding someone else, possible but unlikely, not just because she was so good in every way, it's extremely hard to find someone even remotely as intelligent, cultured, kinds and beautiful as her, but also because I have now become so messed up psychologically that no woman will want to date with me because people think I am a creep (some say that straight to me) but in reality I think that inside I am a sociopath already. Because of not being able to express anger in any way, it just comes out on other people and the rest keeps building up. So you can see how I don't have much chance at dating..


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  • Life is what you make it.

    If you WANT to be in this depressed state then that's exactly where you will stay. If you WANT to fail at dating/relationships then that's what will happen. You are in this downward spiral of self-pity and it's going to ruin your life until YOU decide to do something about it.

    Your relationship ended 2 years ago, it's time to get over it. Was your ex as good as you make her sound? Was your life as happy as you think? Maybe, but chances are you've obsessed so much over this that you've built her and your relationship to be more than they were. You've got your ex so high on a pedestal that you're not even open to the idea of finding another girl. You will never succeed with other girls as long as you hold this attitude.

    Until YOU want to make a change in your life nothing is going to improve.


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  • Ahh don't kill anyone to start with and try to start talking to her and if what you did was that bad you honestly don't deserve her love. Have you thought that maybe your being a bit selfish letting your self go and being miserable that she is maybe happy right now. There are more fish in the sea. You go through life to learn from your mistakes if what you had is completely lost. Get up and try again. for every one thing you do bad do two things right. Stop being such a loser 2 years. I honestly believe if you stop feeling sorrow for your self and fix your mistakes you will find someone just as perfect her for you. We are only human if she's one in a million remember there's a million others just like her. And I'm sure you will find one that will love you equally and she sounds amazing. So good luck I truly hope you find someone.

    • The don't kill anyone goes for yourself as well it's SO NOT WORTH IT!!!!

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  • you just gotta learn to frogive your self and maybe start to communicate with her because if you keep acting like this then you are gonna have a hard time with everthing in your life.

  • I understand where you're coming from...how long ago did you guys split up?


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