How to act if you bump into your ex?

It's been worrying me.

I've had exes before but it's never taken me this long to get over them/move on. 'Hello' is usually enough and I'm able to get through my day/night without getting too nostalgic and upset about it.

This ex was probably my first love. We've been broken up about 7 months, and were together for over a year. He now has someone new, who he got with about 2 months after we split. The break-up, although messy, wasn't on bad terms. He knew I was hurt but we never got too confrontational or anything. In the end, I just realized that I couldn't compete. (His ex who he was with for 3 years contacted him out of the blue, he got 'confused', realized he wasn't over her and thought they would get back together, but didn't want to lose what he had with me, because he thought it could be better than what they had, or so he said. He never really made a decision, I told him that I thought he should spend some time alone to realize what it was that he really wanted, he agreed, I just felt like we were both waiting around to see what his ex wanted. Last time I heard from him was when he contacted me saying how he missed me, how he was sorry, wanted to meet. I fell for it, saying I missed him too, next thing, he was saying he thought it would be a bad idea, that I deserve better, and that he doesn't want to hurt me. (cop out line or what!) I replied amicably. As much as I was heartbroken, it was more relief that he had finally made a decision. I could attempt to move on rather than sit around waiting for him to get in touch, and not thinking that I might miss my chance to get back with him, even though I didn't want to be doing that.)

I suppose my question is how do you act if you see them? Especially if you're still in love with them, probably always will be. I could never go back there because firstly he's obviously moved on, so doesn't want me back, and secondly I got hurt way too much, I'm still recovering now, but I'm scared that just seeing him again will push me back to square one. It's taken me months to accept that I will never know what he was thinking, what I really was to him, what he really felt for me. It still hurts when I think about it, suppose it always will, but I've gotten used to how my life is now, and I don't want to go back to being that emotional wreck I was a few months ago. I'm scared about falling apart, especially in front of him.

So any tips on how I should act? I'm bound to see him sooner or later, (we go to the same sorts of clubs though I've been avoiding his favorite ones) and I just want to be prepared (just in case). This is not some ploy to try and win him back, more to keep my dignity intact.


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  • I just move forward and don't say a thing. No eye contact, no words, no smile, nothing. My exes don't exist to me anymore. I will just have a good time as I always do.


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  • don't get excited when you see him...time will come you'll realize you deserve someone better than him...don't fall from his words sayin that he misses you while he has gf...that kind of guy surely fooling around and just want to get you confused

  • just pretend like it doesn't affect you is all I can tell you.


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