Do I take her back? Where to go from here?

My ex and I dated for a year and a half. I lied to her about having hpv and doing drugs. We broke up two months ago. My ex was abused as a child and had a horrible childhood. I found out after we broke up that she lied about facebook accounts to look like she had more friends. She also made up facebook accounts from my ex. She also lied about a letter from her ex. We both lived double lives while we were dating. She has been doing therapy and going to incest survivor meetings. Do we try again? Do I take her back?


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    Sorry to say but lieing about HPV and other drugs to yur girlfriends is and I quote WRONG. Now you can't compare the lies that she has told from your's. Mabye she feels your over protective and she wants to make other accounts. If that is the case then you should step back and you'll see once you have she can tell you everything. Now your story. I am going to put it straight out as it is. Sorry to hear you have HPV, but you can not lie to one person about it. I mean what if she caught it. You'd get in trouble with police, not only did you lie but you gave some-one your disease. And taking drugs is stupid, all your doing is killing yourself. Maybe you should recieve help about it. But that is your business. Love is all about trust, not lies. Tell her the truth and than ask her about her lies. If she is willing to get back together than try not ruining it, vise versa. Don't lie because it hurts a girl a lot. But your downfall is that you have HPV. Talk with her about it. It's called negotiating, in a realtionship.

    All the best!

  • No don't take her back. You both have to sort out your lives as individuals, and fix your issues before you can stress yourself with a relationship again. Why do you even want to get back together? Your relationship was built on lies. There is no point in going back to that negativity until you are both certain you can move on and have left the secrets and the lying and the issues behind you. A relationship will just get in the way for both of your self improvement.


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