Life experience, advice please, much love & respect?

Finally ready to leave the nest & start a life all by myself

Any experiences you would like to share would help.



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  • Returning home is NOT a failure.

    You're starting out on your own and I wish you perfect ease and a trouble-free existence. Sadly, you're probably not going to get that. From the expected - sh*tty neighbors, domineering landlords, thankless jobs - to the blind-siding - illness, heartbreak, financial loss - sh*t happens. When you're left teetering on the edge, remind yourself you can always go home. If you need the support, let your parents know how hard things are and let that take some of the stress off. Often times, being willing to accept weakness will actually allow you to get back on your feet much faster than fighting the long days and weeks alone.

    Everybody has hard times. It's why we have friends and family. You'd be there for the people you love. If you need it, respect them enough to let them be there for you.


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  • love advice...

    follow your head, not your heart. Trust me. your head thinks more logically...your heart on the other hand will only lead to heartache


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  • If you're living by yourself make sure you eat well and socialize as frequently as possible. Also, make sure you have friends to depend on if ever something goes bad because they'll act as a support network to help you through it.

    Let's just say that I didn't any of the above, and my life was and still kinda is crummy.


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