I can't stop thinking about him. What do I do?

First off I am a very, very shy person when first talking to someone. There is a guy at a store I go to about once a month. Every time I go in there he always stares at me. Since I am a shy person I only glance back for a few seconds but he continues to look at me. We have never talked or anything but for some reason over the last few months I can't seem to get him off my mind and I don't know why. I only know a few things about him that his mom has told me while making conversation. I have dated a few guys since I started thinking about him constantly but he is the one on my mind not the guy I'm dating. Any help? Does he like me? What do I do? So confused.


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  • You're going to have to start visiting his store more often and say hi to him every time you do. See how he reacts to that. If his reaction seems genuinely friendly try to start a conversation with him and see where that leads.


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  • Being shy shouldn't stop you. Be bold. Out of chance, you should go up and say hi. Then let him do the talking. I have the same problem, I took a chance and went for it. Now we email and IM constantly. Go for it, see what happens

    • But should I feel weird since he is at work when I see him?

    • If he's working then just ask him a question about something in his depatment, even if it is a dumb question-then it can be something to laugh about

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