What do you do when you have no closure from a relationship you thought was going to turn out great?

I'm going to keep it short. But I don't know what happened. There was so much potential for a great relationship, so much chemistry. I didn't know what he wanted. He'd go from hot to cold, hot to cold. Over and over and over. I don't know what went wrong or what was going on. I tried to ask him and he kept avoiding it on purpose. I kept getting all these emails. Up to that point, I always made sure to respond. He wouldn't tell me what was going on. So I didn't respond to the last email he sent. and that's the last I've heard of him.

That was it. 1 year's worth of mixed messages, emails, texts, flirting, touching, staring, dinners, movies and then complete silence.

It just feels like it didn't mean anything.

I didn't mean anything.

It didn't exist.

I could've been a temporary girlfriend. I could've been a rebound. I could've been someone he was trying to get rid of but he didn't want to tell me. I just don't know. All I know is that my feelings meant nothing. absolutely nothing.

and it hurts so much. I'm hurting a lot from absolutely nothing that happened.


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  • No offense but it don't seem like a perfect relationship. If he don't trust you at all to tell you what is going on and don't bother with him. He probably didn't want to hurt your feelings. I know how you feel but it's time to move on.

    If not then go up to him and try to get a straight answer if it means putting your relationship on the line then so be it.

    Up too you.


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