Is it wrong to date my ex's best friend if my ex and I have been broken up for 4 years?

My ex contacted me two weeks ago and found out I had moved back into town and wanted to hangout as friends when he came back from his vacation with his best friend. So when he came back we hung out just as friends then he tried to kiss me and I turned away because I had NO intentions of hooking up with him ever again. I told him all the reasons why we couldn't ever get back together for example he broke up with me seven times four of those time because he wanted to have sex with or women and did. Reason two he does not know how to deal with commitment. Three I don't want to be his booty buddy it's not cool with me even though I knew that's what he wanted. So that night I called his best friend because we are close and have been knowing each other for four years. Even though I met him through my ex we would hangout and do stuff without him. So we talk about my ex and what happened that night and why I was a little annoyed with my ex. He tells me not to worry about it and for us to hangout tomorrow. The next night Me, my ex's brother and ex's best friend and one of their other friends we all go out have a great night. my ex's best friend is telling me how much he missed hanging out with me since I move away and I have to admit every time he and I hangout we have a blast. The next night he invites me over to his friends house and when I get there my ex is there. my ex is being rude and saying smart comments about us just being friends so I leave and go home. The next night my ex's best friend is trying to get me to go out and not worry about my ex and to just have fun with him and his friend. When I get there two of my ex's brothers are there and my ex's ex girlfriend since me talk about awkward so I begin to drink down drinks and realize I would rather be at home. In walks my ex who decided he wants to sit right next to me even though there was plenty of other places to sit. I stand up and I tell my ex's best friend I am leaving and he is begging me to stay which I refuse. He decided he wants to go with me back to my house and we leave. Immediately his phone is ringing and people are asking him why we left together. We get to my house and continue drinking and that's when it happened we were on the porch talking and he kisses me at first I was so shock I just pulled away but then he kissed me again. I told him that we shouldn't be doing this and so many people would get mad and he said he didn't care and he wanted to be with me. And when I kissed him back it felt like I was on fire next thing you know we are all over each other and we have sex. I wake up the next day with him calling me and saying he really wants to be with me. We meet up to talk and decide we want to see where our relationship can go. I told him we had to tell my ex and his best friend. I broke the news to my ex and he said that he didn't care but now him along with family and friends are leaving mean messages on Facebook like its high school! Am I wrong?


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  • It's not wrong at all. Date him.


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